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Last Updated: August 23, 2005

We publish high quality business text books in cyberspace. We are one of the first commercial publisher of online business textbooks.

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Accounting Information Systems: A Database Approach

An Information Technology Primer

Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

Building Blocks of Accounting: A Financial Perspective

Building Blocks of Accounting: A Managerial Perspective
  CyberText's Advantages

  • Key areas of each book, like changes in technology, are updated at the beginning of each semester to bring the absolutely latest information to our students.
  • There are numerous links to various locations within and outside each book. 
  • An on-line quizzing system facilitates student "self-testing." 
  • Access database files illustrated in chapters are available for students to download.
  • Users have the ability to search for key words.
  • Instructors can select which solutions to the chapter problems will be made available for viewing by his/her students.

Thank you for your interest in CyberText Publishing's on-line textbooks! Please send e-mail to info@cybertext.com for adoption information and any further information regarding these books.


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